Saturday, May 3, 2014

3 Days

I have at most 3 days left on this pregnancy.  I am going into the hospital after 8 pm. on Monday.  I am nervous, excited, and glad that Aaron will be there with me.  He is spending the first night with me, and will be there for the C-Section.
I am grateful for my MIL who will be there for my son Collin while I am in the hospital.  She will be getting him up that morning, and entertaining him until Daddy comes and gets them.  She will also be running after him for the next 3 weeks.
I told the neighbor kids to stay away the first week, because she doesn't need the extra pressure of entertaining them without Aaron or I there.  I threatened them with no play time with Collin for weeks if they came near her dog (who doesn't like children).  He wouldn't hurt them, but he doesn't need the additional stress of over zealous children, while in a strange place.  Collin knows not to pet the dog, even though he doesn't understand why.  He puts up with Collin, and is beginning to see that Collin is gentle, but no need to push our luck.

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