Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chrismas Note 2008

Dear Friends and Family,
As this year ends, we are found counting our blessings. We both have jobs we have been at for over a year. Aaron has completed 3 credits at Kent – Stark, and Bobbi has remembered why she doesn’t like the phone (for about 2 weeks she sounded like Mickey Mouse). Aaron had his wisdom teeth removed, and Bobbi had her tonsils, uvula and part of her tongue removed. Aaron got a couple of colds and Bobbi lived half the year in her car, diving to Doctors appointments. Some long stories short, Aaron is awarded the Husband of the Year, for his attitude and support.
Cub scouting this past year has had its hairy moments, like when Bobbi was planning a field trip and couldn’t get through to the police, or when making cookies she burnt her hand. We have enjoyed our time and are proud to still be Den Leaders (they haven’t kicked us out yet!)
In Primary, we have been with our kids for about a year and a half. They are wonderful, smart, and active children. They keep us on our toes for about 2 hours each Sunday. We can have anywhere from 6-12 of them, and we seem to collect their siblings sometimes. This last fall, we had the Primary Presentation that the primary puts on every year. It went well this year, but we have decide that we need to spend one on one time with our students to make sure they will know the words. Too many forgot the words this year. Bobbi has already started to teach them next year’s songs.
Bobbi has started her allergy shots, which are to be completed in the end of 2010. This will hopefully stop Bobbi from being sick all the time, and make her feel better. She has been sick since January, and appreciates all the prayers in her support. Hopefully this will be the last thing that they find wrong with her.
We hope this note finds you healthy and May You Have a Merry Christmas!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Associate of the Month

I recently received the “Customer Service Associate of the Month” Award for my department at work. This is the article they wrote about me:

“Recognized for her willingness to take on special projects, Bobbi… is the October Customer Service Associate of the Month. Definitely computer savvy, “Bobbi created a slideshow… giving detailed step-by-step instructions on how to perform specific procedures directly related to the Customer Service Department… She is organized and detail oriented and always meets or exceeds department standards.”
Bobbi will celebrate her on year anniversary with the company…. She has had excellent attendance and constantly meets efficiency and productivity goals.
“She took the initiative to help complete the safe project and is always willing to take on new and challenging projects.”
Bobbi is friendly, helpful and generous to her coworkers. She always has a “stash” of chocolate in desk her desk which she shares with any and all ‘chocaholics’ in need. She often has a new trainee at her desk learning the rope.
Her senior… has this to say about her, “She always goes above and beyond. Whils working on any special projects, she handles and completes her workload while doing the project at the same time. Everything she does is done in a timely fashion and above what is expected.””

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mineral Sea Salt Scrub

I have this really great body scrub that I can use anywhere.

The ingredients are:
4 Parts Sea Salt
1 Part Mineral Oil
1 Part Scent (can use liquid soaps, body mists, etc) You can use 2 parts Mineral Oil instead of Scent.
Mix Mineral oil and Scent together. Pour over Salt. Mix well.
You can use daily, in baths, showers, or just use for soft hands.
For hands, use about a about a tablespoon of Mineral Sea Salt. Wet hands. Scrub Mineral Sea Salt thoroughly on hands, getting even between fingers. Scrub for a bout a minute. Rinse.
You can use 2 parts Mineral Oil instead of Scent.
I used to buy a comparable product at the store, but I save so much money this way, and I can have any scent I want!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Call Center Call

Sometimes I get customers who have way too much time on their hands or their lonely. They find the silliest mistake and latch on to it. I got a call like that yesterday. She was complaining about her city on the envelope not being the Metro City, but the suburb she lives in instead. We sent our letters bulk and a machine labels the letters for us. It went something like this.

"Thank you for calling Customer Service. This is Bobbi. How may I help you?"
“This letter you sent me has the wrong city.”
“I apologize for that. If you give me your phone number I can pull up your account.”
“And you Area Code?”
“That your zip code. What is your Area Code for your Phone Number”
“Thank you. One Moment please while I pull that up. Can I have you verify your name and address?”
“Some One, 31245 Lonely Lane, Any where, US 00000.”
“Thank you. My records show that we have Any Where as the name or your city.”
“That’s Correct. But your letter has Somewhere. Somewhere is on the Post Office Building, but I use Any Where.”
“Are you located in Somewhere’s cities limits?”
“Then the correct city is Somewhere.”
“But I use Any Where.”
“We have to use the city the Post Office Gives us.”
“They say that they don’t make you use that city.”
“The Post Office has an Official list of cities. On our Envelopes have to have the city the Post Office gives us. Is the letter inside have your city as Any Where?”
“Yes, but the envelope has Somewhere.”
“I do apologize, but we can’t change how the envelopes are addressed.”
“Yes you can. The Post Office Says they don’t make you use Any Where.”
“I do apologize, but the system I’m looking at has Any Where. There is nothing I change do to change the way the envelope is addressed. Is there any else I can help you with?”
“Have a wonderful day! And thank you for choosing ____!”

Friday, August 1, 2008


I work at a Customer Service Call Center. I take call for multiple companies owned by a bigger company. I am recovering from surgery that involved taking out my tonsils, and parts of my uvula and tongue. Life was very interesting this week.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Wednesday I am having my Tonsils out. Hurray! I have had problems for the last 2 months. Hopefully, this will be the end of it.
Today is my One Year Anniversary. Aaron and I are not doing much. He is going to be milking cows tonight, because his Uncle planned a very bad time for a vacation. So, instead of a candle light dinner, he is milking cows, and I am eating ice cream alone.
Aaron is the best husband in the world. Even though we have all this going on, he still is positive, caring and uplifting. He has taken our turn of bad luck and has made it beautiful. He is thoughtful and kind. He buys me pistachios and Peachy-O’s, because he knows that it will make me smile. He wakes me up in the middle on the night with a kiss on the cheek, just because he thinks I’m beautiful. I know that I can lean on him.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A little about Me

My husband and I have been married 2 weeks short of a year. We live in an apartment with my cat BJ. BJ is now more of my husband’s cat than mine now, but that’s life. Aaron and I live a quiet life. He plays video games, while I read books. We teach the 6 turning 7 year olds Sunday School class at church. We also are involved in our church’s Boy Scout Troop. We love to watch cartoons, take long walks and have snow ball fights.