Monday, May 25, 2009

House sitting.

Sometimes it seems like Aaron and I house sit all the time. My MIL has six kids and loves to go see them. Unfortunately she has a dog named YoYo.
Which is fine, until she goes away. Then it’s Aaron and Bobbi to the rescue.
Which is also fine, until I have to go to work. What is nice, is that work is closer for Aaron. For me, lets just add 30 minutes to my commute. Dodging Amish buggies half the way. What are they doing at 6 am on the road?
Other than that, Aaron and I enjoy our trips to Apple Creek. We take long walks, spread out, and have friends over to play games (our apt is small). BJ loves it too! He gets to run around, and hid in all sorts of places. Our 22 lbs cat loves to boss around the 20 lbs YoYo. YoYo just loves BJ. He is wise enough to be scared of BJ though. BJ would eat YoYo alive, if YoYo gave BJ cause.