Monday, October 6, 2008

Associate of the Month

I recently received the “Customer Service Associate of the Month” Award for my department at work. This is the article they wrote about me:

“Recognized for her willingness to take on special projects, Bobbi… is the October Customer Service Associate of the Month. Definitely computer savvy, “Bobbi created a slideshow… giving detailed step-by-step instructions on how to perform specific procedures directly related to the Customer Service Department… She is organized and detail oriented and always meets or exceeds department standards.”
Bobbi will celebrate her on year anniversary with the company…. She has had excellent attendance and constantly meets efficiency and productivity goals.
“She took the initiative to help complete the safe project and is always willing to take on new and challenging projects.”
Bobbi is friendly, helpful and generous to her coworkers. She always has a “stash” of chocolate in desk her desk which she shares with any and all ‘chocaholics’ in need. She often has a new trainee at her desk learning the rope.
Her senior… has this to say about her, “She always goes above and beyond. Whils working on any special projects, she handles and completes her workload while doing the project at the same time. Everything she does is done in a timely fashion and above what is expected.””