Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Pictures

 BJ Trying to steal Collin's breakfast, while playing it cool.
 Collin and his "Hat" obsession.

 Tea With Cousin.
 Playing Doggie.
 Yes, he has a racket in his head.

Brushing BJ's fur.
 Playing Barbies with neighborhood kids.

 Dylan at the Hospital.

 "I found a pocket, and now I can't get my hand free".
 So tired after church.
 Muddy Park.

 Petting Buttercup (kitten).

 So Sunggly.
 Fell asleep while playing.  Usually he climbs in bed before he falls asleep.
 Family and Neighbor kids walk.

 Reading to himself.
 Dylan in the stroller on a walk.
 Pony ride, Johnny Appleseed Parade.

 Proof that Collin held Dylan ONCE.

 They are all dreaming in one direction.
 Watching Daddy play video games.
 Camera Hog.
 Tigger likes the booster seat.

 Playing together.
 Ah MarMar

 Potty training
 Puppy play.
 Sweet Dreams.

 Watching Harry Potter
 Costume Day

 Park in early October.
 Fort living
 I finally got it.
 Then I fell asleep.
 Birthday Present