Wednesday, April 23, 2014

13 Days

My C-Section is scheduled for 13 days from now.  My ankles are huge and I am getting very slow.  Collin just runs circles around me.  I am still morning sick every day, but I am okay.  Collin went #2 last night (after we tucked him in), and didn't tell mommy or daddy.  He woke up in the middle of the night with really bad diaper rash, and didn't sleep well because of it.  It is about 10:30, and my 7:30 riser is still in bed.  I think we are skipping nap today....

We went to Grandma C's for Easter.  We enjoyed our brief visit.  Collin got to have an Easter Egg Hunt with his Cousins and 2nd Cousins.  He did really well, but gave up early in favor of swinging on the swings.  Mommy and Daddy picked up the rest of his allotted eggs.  Collin opened each egg, and ate what was inside before moving on.  When he thought he had enough candy, he went a sat on the swing.

Collin showed that he can share this weekend too.  He was playing with a toy vacuum before prayer.  He put it down to fold his arms.  During prayer a younger cousin grabbed it and ran off with it.  Collin watched her so this, and didn't fuss or cry.  By the time prayer was over, she was done playing with it, and he got it back.  I am so proud of him for not fussing about it.

He also shared Cookies with Uncle Jammie (Down Syndrome & other needs).  He was given the Cookie jar.  He grabbed only 2 cookies from it.  He gave one to Uncle Jammie, saying "MeMe ease" (Jammie Please).  When he was done with his cookie, Collin came back for 2 more, and again gave one to Uncle Jammie.  Uncle Jammie finished the second Cookie before Collin, so Collin went and got one out for Uncle Jammie, but didn't get one out for himself.  I had to take away the Cookie Jar then, because Grandma C watches Uncle Jammie's diet closely., and we were going to have dessert after dinner still.

Aaron is working hard on many projects, and we are very proud of him.  He does so much for our family. Right now he is on assignment for work at an offsite testing center.  He is doing 2 sessions of state testing today, even though he would only normally be doing one session each day. He is doing the extra testing, so they wouldn't have to send him to a further location for a week.  He chose to stay close to home so I can be looked after.

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