Friday, January 27, 2012


Love is when your husband sneaks out of the bedroom to do the dishes while you sleep.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What has happened since Christmas:

A,B, and C had a great Christmas! Aaron got 2 video games he had been wanting. I got pearls, 2 books and a turtle necklace. Collin got a 1911 coin set and will be soon be set up with his own savings account. Aaron’s sister gave us some great stuff too! I like my organic candy canes that I got form my mother, and the nativity set from my sister. Here is Collin under the tree on Christmas:

We have received many blessing this season as well.

Aaron and I went through the drive through at Burger King, and when going to pay, was told that the car ahead of us paid for our meal.

The ward here gave me a surprise post-shower. I went to the RS Christmas party. The day of the party, the RS president called to make sure I was coming. It was white elephant gift exchange. When I arrived, there was a beautiful Christmas tree with tons of presents. I assumed they were decorations, and put my white elephant gift on the stage with the rest of the gifts. After the gift exchange, the RS president got up to close the party. She announced that all the gifts under the tree were for Collin. I cried. A lot. We got tons of clothes, and most of them were 3-6 or 6-9, which is awesome. We also got stuffed animals, an electric swing, an activity center, and some rattles. Here is him with a rattle:

Collin and I took a 2 mile walk the other day, and stopped at a Diner for lunch. Collin slept the whole time I ate, which meant I got to eat in peace for once. I must have looked really worn out. The business men across from me must have been dads, because one of them paid for my meal, and even tipped my waiter.

We also have been blessed by many others, too many to list here.

We spent Christmas at home, but went to Aaron’s sister’s house for New Years. We spent Thursday night at Grandma Cheryl’s before going to his sister’s house. It was a lovely weekend. I was grouchy (sorry!) from lack of sleep. Collin was off his schedule, and that meant Mommy didn’t get any sleep. The in-laws and Aaron took Collin a few times so I could catch a nap. Here is one such nap:

Collin loves to fall asleep in the activity center, and Grandma Cheryl’s highchair. It’s is so cute! I think it would be uncomfortable, but he loves it. He barely fusses and wakes up kicking and laughing. I have to stuff a blanket in there so he has more stability. Isn't it cute?