Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bottle feeding.

I am going on a medicine that requires me to stop breastfeeding Collin.  So I am going to have to pump-and-dump for 2 weeks.  I think after the 2 weeks, I will keep him on the bottle, and just not go back to breastfeeding.  We were planning to switch to bottle in September anyways.  I only have 3 days worth of milk pumped and frozen, so I am going to have to give him formula.  It's so sad.  I will remember this for my next kid, and store more breast milk for back up.

First Ten Months

Dear Collin,
Your first ten months have been an adventure for the three of us.  Your smiles have warmed hearts, your laugh brightened days and your love of everyone have brought peace to childless souls.  Every where you go, you leave mothers and hopeful mothers with a smile on their face.
Collin, you have learned to eat with your 8 teeth in the last couple of weeks, and you sink your teeth into everything you can get into your mouth. You eat peas, green beans, squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, applesauce, bananas, peaches, plums, nectarines, oatmeal, rice cereal, Gerber Puffs, Cheerios and bread. 
Today I write this, as you play in your little pen, talking to yourself, and having a grand time.  You are sitting in a chair, waving your arms about, and bouncing up and down.  You have so much energy and spirit.  Singing is one of your favorite activities.  When you are happy you sing all the time.  You also sing along with the hymns at church and bring smiles when anyone hears you.  You love to read magazines.  When I say read, I mean crumple and rip pages.  You also play the children's piano everyday.
You can climb all the chairs and the couch in your pen.  Mommy and Daddy had to buy a shelving unit for on top of the TV to keep you from getting in to the video's and gaming systems on top of the TV.
You barely just out grew size 3 month clothes, and are so cute in your 6 month outfits. 
Before your Mommy and Daddy are ready, you will be walking and soon after that you will turn one.
We love you little man.  Please always remember that.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Aaron and I finally found a cheap table for me to do my crafts on.  We got it at a garage sale.  It is a vintage table, and very bulky, but it is stable, and in great condition.  We got it for $5 because it is Bulky.  Collin loved being held by the person having the garage sale while we loaded it into the car.  He also got to pet a couple of dogs while we were garage sale hopping.

Collin loves to play in the back seat of the car.  We picked up a couple of Gyros and ate them in the car.  Collin crawled around the backseat while we ate (we were parked of course).  He loves to explore, and when we let him free in the car, he finally gets to touch what he looks at while he is strapped in.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I think Collin's objection to diapering comes from our bed time ritual.  We change his diaper, change his outfit, and lotion him.  He was screaming every time we diapered him, but I think that we may have moved past the worst of it.  I have started to change him when he gets up from his naps, rather than before he goes down, so day time changes go much better.  Daddy is so good with him, and he only wants Daddy to change his outfit.  Mommy usually changes his outfit (I have more practice and can do it while he is struggling). 

Collin's attention span is about 15 minutes right now.

Collin patience at the high chair lasts as long as he has finger food.  He can sit there and feed himself for about 15 mins, if I keep him in Cheerios, toast, or Gerber puffs.  He will eat squash, green beans, peas, potato, sweet potato, carrots, applesauce, plum, peach and banana.  Blueberries, broccoli, spinach and kale upset his system.  His favorite fruit is applesauce.  He eats a 3lbs jar a week at least.  We have to feed it to him last, because he won't eat anything after it. 

His love of applesauce is rivaled by his love of "Bride and Prejudice".  Dad thought I was pushing it on Collin, but then when Daddy watched Collin earlier this week, Mommy found the two of them watching it together.  I think Collin loves the Colors and Music of "Bride and Prejudice".  He will watch other shows, but it is the only show he will watch when he is teething.  He only get 2 hours of TV time a day, so don't worry, no couch potato in the making.  He is watching the movie right now, and playing on his piano. 

His favorite stuffed animal right now is the Aflac Duck.  If you squeeze it, it says Aflac 3 times and the last time is more of a quack.  He tries to scream with the duck. 

He also loves the piano.  It  has brightly colored keys at just the right height for him to touch while standing.  He will stand at the piano for about 15 minutes at a time. 

He is such a happy little boy.  He "talks" a the time and loves to climb.  He can now climb into the big black chairs in my living room.  He can also pull himself up onto the couch.  He is standing without support more and more each day.  He can stand for over a minute without support, but no walking yet.