Sunday, February 9, 2014

Update - Mostly Collin

Okay. Time to get going with this again.  I had started working, and then I moves, and then I was unpacking... So I haven't done this in a while.
Aaron and I are pregnant.  We are expecting a boy in May.

Collin is 2, and very cute.  He is learning to use words for everything, but he has to be prompted most of the time.  He says (without prompting half the time):
Thank You
MaMa (grandma)
Mom (me)
Aunt MarMar
YoGo (yogurt)
Yoyo (a dog)
Missy (another dog)
Ruff Ruff (his word for dog)
Meow (he talks to our cat)
Stinky (I need a change)
Yum Yum (I'm hungry)
Teeth (I want to brush my teeth)
Oh No
Hot (which he immediately blows air out after saying this, trying to cool whatever it is down)
Oh (he says it very seriously too.  Sometimes he even has a crinkled forehead while he says it)

He will say all the above words independently (without prompting) if it is just Daddy and me.  If anyone else is around, he needs prompting.  It just warms my heart to hear him say thank you, without any prompting. He is so cute. He has other words, but until he says them without prompting (or echoing) I'm not counting them.

He likes to draw, ride bikes, throw balls, read, and pop bubbles.  He will do any of these activities for hours on end, then stop for a couple of days. Friday he drew for no less than 3 hours, but on Saturday, only about 15 minutes.  He likes independent play, and mommy needs to get down and play with him more.  He loves nursery, always have, but he likes it even more now that Aaron and I teach his class.  He is learning to share us with others, which is good practice for having a baby brother.

He just moved up into 2T clothes, and we have to put 2 pairs of pants on him to keep them up.  His legs just get long, but his bottom is too tiny.  He was wearing his pants fine on Jan 26, but by Feb 1st, he had an inch of leg showing above his boots.  He just grew to fast, and Mommy wasn't prepared. So, on Feb 3rd, she moved him up to the new size.

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