Friday, February 14, 2014

Back from MaMa, YoYo and MeMe's

Collin and I just got back from MaMa (Grandma), YoYo (a dog) and MeMe's (Jamie).  We were there for a week.  Collin just came up with a name from Jamie, and he is quite proud of it.

Collin is learning so fast.  Grandma C hid the cookie jar, but he found it.  He brought it to Grandma C to open, because he is not allowed get cookies out by himself.  Apparently I need to teach him that he is not to get the cookie jar out by himself as well.  At least he asked, right?

We had lots of fun at Grandma C's. He ran around, jumped on the indoor trampoline, and climbed everything.  He has 2 bruises to show for all that fun.  At least it was just two.

Collin is now off the pacifier.  He has slept since Monday without one.  We are quite proud of him, because he just accepted the change.  Mommy had to comfort him instead, but he will be able to fall asleep by himself soon.  He refused to nap today, so he fell asleep before dinner.  He was so deeply asleep that Mommy cleaned his face and hands without him waking him up.

Mommy is very pregnant, and tired all the time.  I am very grateful for the naps that Grandma C let me have this week.  12 weeks left...

Daddy got a lot of school stuff done this week, which is part of the reason Mommy and Collin went to Grandma's.  He had some deadlines that he had to meet, and it was easier to do without Collin to distract him.

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autismpsyd said...

Grandma G thanks Grandma C for all the wonderful support and help!

Wahoo, Collin! Go find those cookies, kiddo. Find them all you want. No, I didn't say EAT all you want, but half the fun is finding the cookie jar. So go on-- happy hunting, big boy!

And congrats on the pacifier...though I suspect he'll want it back once his brother is around.