Sunday, July 15, 2012

What we have been doing this summer so far.

So much has happened since I posted last. 
My last post covered Collin learning to crawl. 
On June 4th, Daddy had his last day at school.  He was home before noon.  We took the next few days easy.  We went to visit my MIL on June 6th.  I also visited with some friends from church and work.  A,B & C came home on the 8th.  Monday we left for my sister’s house.  She lived in NC.  We went to see her before she moved to UT.  Aaron stayed with us until Sunday, and then he had to go home for interviews.  I stayed an extra 5 days.  It was wonderful to spend time with my sister.  Thanks to Grandpa Kevin, Collin and I rented a nice car, and drove home to my MIL house.  Collin and I didn’t get there until Saturday Morning.
Daddy’s Family from UT arrived at my MIL house Saturday afternoon.  We spent a few nights at my MIL with them.  They stayed for a week with my MIL.  Sunday, June 24th, the Emerson’s had a family reunion.  My sister-in-law and I put it together.  It was a lot of fun.  We played Bingo, hot potato, had a great potluck and chatted.  There were even door prizes.  Collin watched his cousins (18 months and a year older) climb the stairs, and decided he could too.  He didn’t get very far, and thanks to a very watchful Daddy, didn’t hurt himself.  The next day he climbed on my MIL very low couch (the girls had taken the cushions off to make a fort), but he hasn’t climbed since.  Collin went swimming for the first time on June 28th.  A, B & C drove home after swimming. 
The next few weeks, we chilled at home.  We organized the basement, cleaned the house, and just spent time together.  On July 1st, I was called to be primary secretary.  I still taught RS on July 8th, but I started working on my calling July 1st.  There is so much to do.  We have so many exciting things coming up, and I was called 2 ½ months after the rest of the Presidency (I am playing catch up). 
Friday, went to my MIL house to spend the night.  Saturday, we helped Aaron’s cousin move and Collin was left with Grandma for 8 hours.  He had fun and was fine, but he is a bit clingy today.
We are still job hunting, and Aaron has lots of interviews, but please keep us in your prayers!

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