Friday, July 20, 2012

2 months of Pictures

Collin Meeting his Cousins.  We went to a park.
 Collin got a small sunburn on his nose.  Mommy is glad she put a hat on him.  It could have been worse.
 Collin thought Logan needed to suck on his fingers too.
 Aren't they cute?
 Collin and BJ have been getting along much better.  Collin pulls out BJ's hair, but with how hot it has been, BJ doesn't care as much as he usually does.
 We went to NC to see Collins Cousins. 
 This is them at church.
 Aaron had to drive back to OH after these photos.
 I like this one best.
 Daddy and Collin took a nap together on one of the 100+ days.  That was the last nap Collin took in his swing.  He is getting too big for it.
 Collin is climbing now.
 He just got up from a nap when we took this picture.
 He sits so well.
 BJ is sitting in out laundry hamper.
 I don'[t know why he knocked it over to sit in it, but he only has done it this one time.
 Collin is wearing a 6M shirt in this picture.  As you can see, it is too big for him still. 
He is such a happy boy.

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