Saturday, June 2, 2012

Collin learned to crawl on 5/29!!!!

Another week has gone by.  Collin is getting so independent.  I have to stay in sight, but he crawls around in his pen, happy as a clam.  He is so happy to finally be able to move.  He likes to stand himself up by climbing up objects.  He still gets stuck standing up holding onto the pen wall, he hasn't learned to climb down yet.  He is exploring the world around him.  Right now he is playing with the faux drawer handles on the TV stand while watching "Race to Witch Mountain". 
We went garage sale hopping today.  We bought a set of blocks for him and a miniature school play set for when he is older.  Mommy got 7 new Christmas CD's (I think I might have a day and a half worth of Christmas songs now - and yes, I admit I might have a problem, but is a love of Christmas music really so bad? I never pay more than a buck a CD).  Daddy got a star gazer telescope.  Daddy is going to teach Collin and Mommy about the night sky.  Mommy also picked up a bunch of kitchen containers for $0.50, that match the set she was already collecting!  Soon she won't have to have the broken glass set anymore. 
My MIL is out of town visiting family.  After the first few days we kidnapped her dog from Aaron's sister.  We love having YoYo here.  Collin especially likes having YoYo to chase (we don't let him catch YoYo).  
I worked on some door prizes for the Emerson Family Reunion.  Aaron brought home his stuff from the school, and we are going to go through it this week. 
Go to go.  Collin found some shoes.

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AutismPsyD said...

Wahoo! Love hearing about his progress. So very fun! It really is a bright spot in my day. Thanks so much! YOU ARE ALL LOVED!