Monday, May 21, 2012

Family update

Collin has moved up to size three diapers.  He wears 6-9 month tops, and 0-3 &3-6 bottoms.  He is trying to explore the world on his own.  He gets very frustrated with mommy, because she keeps putting him in a pen.
He can get up on all fours, but all he can do there is rock back and forth.  At first he thinks he is moving and gets cranky when he realizes he isn't.  He does scoot around in a circle (on his belly).
Collin used to sleep on his back, but with his new ability to scoot and move, he moves around all night.  He cried out the other night because while he was scooting he hit his head.
It has been very warm, so mommy and daddy have been putting him to sleep in a onesie.  He seems to like that.  Some mornings he goes back to sleep after breakfast, but others (like today) he stayed awake.
Daddy has only 2 weeks of school left.  On June 4th, he has to go in to clean out his room, but that is it.  We are still looking for employment, and hoping that an offer comes soon.
Daddy still hasn't played most of the video games that he got for Christmas, due to how little time he has now.  The last few weeks he has put in 12 -14 hour days on school stuff.  Collin and Mommy miss Daddy.  We are counting down the days till Daddy can hang out with us again.
My sister came to visit for an afternoon.  Daddy had to work extra hard the day before and the day after to be able to make time to see her.  We had a lovely afternoon in the park, even though Collin and Mommy got mild sunburns.
Daddy and Mommy are listening to the first book in The Hunger Games each night after Collin goes to bed.  It is nice to experience the books together.

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