Saturday, October 24, 2009

My last 3 weeks.

So I haven’t written for a month, well here is why.
October 2nd, I had my wisdom teeth out.
October 5th -12th I packed boxes in my tiny apartment.
On Oct 7th, I injured my right foot. Massive pain when walking/standing on it without my brace.
On the 12th I started to move into an apartment closer to work, and Aaron’s school.
On Oct 14th, Aarons sister, sister’s husband and one of their children, came to help move the big stuff…just 2 days after we got the keys to the new place….remember tiny apartment….still working full time….
The 17th, we got the last bit of stuff and cleaned. Thank You Cheryl! My MIL came and cleaned. She came, and I left to go to the New Apartment in Canton. Where I promptly sat down and did very little the rest of the day.
Sunday the 18th, I stayed in bed all day too.
Monday, I went to Dr. Stone. I had Strep, the Flu, and the beginnings of Pneumonia and bronchitis. So I stayed in bed Tuesday too.
So after missing 2 days of work, I came back to find 111 emails, and a buried desk. Apparently, it was “chaos” with me gone.
So, by Friday, I had cleared my desk, but that is why I did nothing to unpack all week. So here it is on Saturday.
I have most of my dishes put away (thank you Aaron). Our computer desk is up and running (again, thank you Aaron). I have room to walk in our apartment, even though our living room still has boxes to unpack and put away. I never thought that I would move and still be in boxes a week later.
Thank goodness for MIL, Husbands, Foot braces, antibiotics, Families-in-Law, and Benadryl.

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