Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chrismas Note 2008

Dear Friends and Family,
As this year ends, we are found counting our blessings. We both have jobs we have been at for over a year. Aaron has completed 3 credits at Kent – Stark, and Bobbi has remembered why she doesn’t like the phone (for about 2 weeks she sounded like Mickey Mouse). Aaron had his wisdom teeth removed, and Bobbi had her tonsils, uvula and part of her tongue removed. Aaron got a couple of colds and Bobbi lived half the year in her car, diving to Doctors appointments. Some long stories short, Aaron is awarded the Husband of the Year, for his attitude and support.
Cub scouting this past year has had its hairy moments, like when Bobbi was planning a field trip and couldn’t get through to the police, or when making cookies she burnt her hand. We have enjoyed our time and are proud to still be Den Leaders (they haven’t kicked us out yet!)
In Primary, we have been with our kids for about a year and a half. They are wonderful, smart, and active children. They keep us on our toes for about 2 hours each Sunday. We can have anywhere from 6-12 of them, and we seem to collect their siblings sometimes. This last fall, we had the Primary Presentation that the primary puts on every year. It went well this year, but we have decide that we need to spend one on one time with our students to make sure they will know the words. Too many forgot the words this year. Bobbi has already started to teach them next year’s songs.
Bobbi has started her allergy shots, which are to be completed in the end of 2010. This will hopefully stop Bobbi from being sick all the time, and make her feel better. She has been sick since January, and appreciates all the prayers in her support. Hopefully this will be the last thing that they find wrong with her.
We hope this note finds you healthy and May You Have a Merry Christmas!


Grace said...

Merry Christmas, and all the love in the world to the both of you. Dad and I are proud of you, and pray for your health, success, and happiness.

Soon you will be an aunt to 16; Ben and Cara have a 10 year old daughter now, and Wendy should have her baby around Christmas or New Year's time. Zip me an e-mail and I'll tell you their blog addresses.

Love ya!

JerieH said...

I hope next year goes better for you! See you soon!