Thursday, October 2, 2014

Life has been busy for the Fairbourns.  Potty training has been put on hold because Collin, Dylan and Aaron all had a respiratory illness that was going around.

Dylan is growing so fast.  We start him on solid food this weekend.  He is moving around and learning so fast. 

We went to the Wayne County Fair a few weeks ago with some friends.  Collin rode his first ride without us.  He watched other kids ridding and decided that he could do it too.  Our friend paid for a pony ride as well. He was the first kid to have a pony ride this year.  He was the only kid on a pony during the ride too.  He was so cute yelling "yeehaw" and talking about Woody, Jesse, and Bullseye from toy story that a crowd gathered.  The gentleman manning the booth gave us a second ride for free, because by the time Collin's first ride was done, there was a line of children waiting.  The fair had been opened for a couple hours already, so we were surprised he was the first to ride.  

Collin also has all the luck when it comes to newspapers.  Aaron and Collin had their picture taken for the newspaper while we were at the fair.  The link is below:

I have been going out with the Sister Missionaries in the evening sometimes.  They are teaching a family whose grandfather is someone I knew in Youngstown. It is nice to leave the kids home with Aaron for an hour or so.  He does great with them, and I knew worry about what I will be coming home too.  Dylan gets really excited to see me, but Collin doesn't even notice that I left.

 They were all dreaming the same way, too cute not to capture.

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