Friday, January 4, 2013

Pics of Collin

Here is Collin is his Halloween costume from when he was newborn.  He didn't quite fit in it for this picture, but we tried.  He went as Tigger this year.

 He learned to climb into the black chairs in our living room all by himself.  Doesn't he look so cute in his Sunday dress?

 Mommy and Daddy bought "Coca Cola" pillows for really cheap.  Collin likes picking them up and carrying them around.  They are almost as big as him, but he doesn't care!

This is him at his Birthday Party, hosted by his grandma Cheryl.

He got this zebra from his aunt, and he loves it. 

He didn't like his cake.  Grandma should have let mommy make an applesauce one.  He might have eaten it.  He tasted it, and then spent time finger painting with it.  

 Collin is hanging out in his new living room after the move. 

"What are they doing to Grumpy?  That's not how I take a bath!"
 "Mary Poppins and I were riding in the race!  We won!"

 Christmas was so fun!

 Playing with his new toys.

 He spent a half hour putting all his blocks in the magazine holder, and then stacked them on the corner of the landing.  He cracks me up.

He also knows to smile when people take his picture.  He is getting better at not closing his eyes.

 Collin at Ward Christmas Party in his Shepherds Clothes.

How blessed we are!

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