Sunday, April 1, 2012


March was the month for colds! Every one had at least one at the Fairbourn's. We are all hoping that April is better.
Last week Collin was all about blowing raspberries, and this week it is all about seeing how loud he can be. I'll be very grateful when this phase passes. He is getting more mobile, but no crawling yet. Sometimes he moves without realizing he is, and it shocks him to wind up different places. He scooted himself partway under the futon last night. He liked that because we cover the futon with a sheet, and he was playing with it.
Aaron's mom is here for the weekend. She came up to babysit on Friday so we could go to the annual President's Ball (Akron Stake Presidency puts it on every year). She is watching Conference with us (thanks to, and will go back home tonight.
Tomorrow we are mailing off an application to Aaron's old high school. Please pray for us to get a job for next year out of Youngstown.

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