Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Collin Update

For some reason, the laptop won't publish my posts. I have to write, save, and then have someone downstairs publish it. So, posting is taking longer than I thought it would. I was planning to post more often about Collin. Here it goes.
Collin is out of newborn diapers. He is sleeping 4-5 hours at a time. Dr. Stone makes me wake Collin up at 5 hours (Dr. Stone frowns on sleeping through the night the first month). At night Collin has a eating marathon, and I am glad that I am pumping extra during the day, because I don't have enough for him at night without being really uncomfortable.
Collin met his birth weight at his last Dr. appointment, and has started having more wet diapers then dirty ones. Yeah! I was wondering if that was ever going to happen. All the Parenting books say that he should have had a lot more wet diapers.
Collin likes to be held all afternoon. Right now I am in my jammies, with a robe over them, and Collin between the layers.

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