Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life as I know it

Aaron is 3/4 of the way through teaching his first class at Kent State. He is doing great, and it has been great practice for his student teaching. I think he is being too nice, and that he is babying his class a little, but it works for him. He is now in Young Men's, and works with the 12 year olds. He is very busy.
I am in the process of changing positions at work. Not by choice, but of necessity. A co-worker is quitting, and I am going to have to cover her job. I am learning a lot.
We are finding lots of glitches in the new computer system at work. It will take us a while to figure it all out, but it will be a great system when it is done.
I have all of my Christmas shopping done, except for a few gifts to Aaron.
No baby yet.


Thora said...

Babies take time, and timing, it'll happen no worries.
GL with the job change sweetie!
I love you!

AutismPsyD said...

Happy Birthday to my precious daughter of whom I am so proud! You are loved!