Wednesday, June 16, 2010

February and March

I am really bad at this.

February came and I was very busy at work. Aaron and I had our annual physicals. Dave came up with a better solution to my allergy problem then my allergist, and my quality of life is much better than what it was last year.
February also came a promotion that I didn’t want. I really didn’t want it. I love my job. I love doing what I do. I love going to work, and I love my boss. She is really the best I have ever worked for. I was so sad. They were going to move me to another part of the building, with completely different responsibilities. I didn’t want to go. I missed working on the Bake-A-Wish this month, because they had me training for the new position. I knew enough at that point they were letting me work solo for the 3 hours a day they had me. Luckily, they couldn’t find a replacement for me, so I got to stay, and they had to go with someone they didn’t want. Is it bad to be so happy about it?

March brought a really bad set of stomach viruses. I caught several at one time. I ended up missing 6 days of work. I was really glad to go back to work. We also had another video game night at our house and they are really fun.
I will fill in more gaps next time.
Sorry I haven’t written I so long.


Thora said...

Yay for Dave!

But then, he's been my hero for 8 years.

JerieH said...

Hang in there girl! We love you!